November 26, 2023

Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Bholaa’, hit the screens on the festive occasion of Ram Navami and is enjoying a decent run at the box office.
The film opened with Rs 10.25 crore nett on Thursday and went on to record a huge drop on Friday. The action adventure drama added Rs 7.40 crore to its total, which now stands at Rs 18.60 crore nett. ‘Bholaa’ witnessed an upward trend in the evening shows on Friday and the film is expected to see growth over the weekend.

‘Bholaa’ is an official remake of Tamil hit ‘Kaithi’. However Ajay shared that both the movies are starkly different. Speaking about the same, Ajay had told BT, “When you see the film, you will realise that we have only picked up the story idea and adapted it. When you make remakes shot-to-shot, it’s a different thing (the results are different). But when you adapt it the way you want in terms of its characterisation, drama, emotions and treatment, then it’s different. You start following your own path, which can lead you anywhere. What I have done is, I have merged it from real to surreal. All the positive characters in the film are very real, but all the negative characters are from a crazy world, not really the Mad Max (franchise) kind of a world, but in the larger-than-life kind of a zone.”

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